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We offer preventive maintenance plans for the Columbus GA and Phenix City AL areas which are essential in keeping home & commercial air conditioning systems running efficiently while extending the life expectancy of the heating and cooling system. Commercial building owners can keep operating costs minimized by implementing a preventive maintenance plan.

Our courteous and friendly certified technicians have many years of experience when it comes to air conditioning preventive maintenance and repair. Below are items we clean, adjust and inspect during your annual checkup.

  • Inspect air ducts for leaks and clean for greater efficiency.
  • Check wiring for loose connections which could result in a intermittent shutdown of the system.
  • Check proper calibration of the thermostat.
  • Checks system air filters and replaces them if necessary.
  • Clean coils and mechanical components of the HVAC system.
  • Check freon levels in the air conditioning system and adjust if needed.
  • Measure the temperature of air entering rooms and determine if temperatures are correct.
  • Inspect boilers and furnaces to determine if dirt buildup or damage could result in safety issues.

Implementing our preventive maintenance plan makes your home and commercial heating and air conditioning system run more efficiently resulting in lower operating cost and extends their life expectancy alleviating the possiblility of expensive repairs. Inefficient or malfunctioning HVAC systems can impact employee productivity and give a bad first impression to customers.

If you live in Columbus GA or Phenix City AL, call County Line LLC today to setup a preventive maintenance plan or for repairs on your home/commercial heating and air conditioning system.

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