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Mold Spores in Your Air Conditioning Making You Sick?

mold spores

If mold exists in your air conditioning system, it can cause a wide variety of illnesses from allergic reactions to serious conditions like bleeding in the lungs or pneumonia. These mold spores become airborne when air flow through the ducts and then spread throughout the home which are subsequently inhaled by the occupants.

Alleviating Mold in Air Conditioning

You can reduce the possibility of mold growth in your air conditioning system by removing any debris, dust, dirt and water from the air ducts. If you smell a musty odor from your vents, our certified technicians can check your system and remove the problem causing mold spores.

Regularly replacing the air conditioner’s filter helps but sometimes mold can accumulate on the air conditioner's coils and this is when you need professional help from County Line, LLC. Mold in your system may not be visible so a professional cleaning with chemical treatments in the unit and air ducts may be needed.

Air conditioning systems are generally the most common mold producing items in your home because they provide an ideal environment for mold spores and fungus due to the high volume of moisture and dirt. Filters usually get very dirty, however, since you can’t see inside your air ducts, imagine how dirty they may be with dust, pet hair, etc. and if any moisture mixes with this, you have a breeding ground for mold spores.

If you hire a service tech to check your system for mold spores, make sure they follow the below procedures:

  • Does the cleaning solution being used have anti-bacterial and anti-fungial properties?
  • Was the blower unit cleaned also?
  • Did the service tech clean the system with a brush and vacuum only without a certified fungus cleaning solution?
  • Was the cleaning solution used non toxic and certified?

Can Air Conditioners Make You Sick?

I’m sure at one time you’ve been told my your mother or grandma if you go outside in the cold weather, you’ll get sick from a cold which simply is not true, however, if your air conditioning system is not properly serviced, there is a risk of circulating allergens, bacteria, dust and mold throughout your home. Stagnant water could be in the bottom of your condenser making an excellent breeding ground for bacteria especially if it has squirrel or bird dropping in it. This risk to your family can be dramatically reduced by having County Line LCC professionally maintain your air conditioning system on a scheduled basis.

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Air conditioning mold spores
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